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Priceless Health Screening

MHC Health Screening Packages

Health is priceless. Nothing else matter if you lose your health. One of the way to ensure that you stay in good health is to be have regular comprehensive health screening done to detect diseases early.  Early diagnosis allows for early intervention. And early treatment provides better overall outcome in disease management.

Health screening tests should not be invasive and the entire process full body checks should be convenient and hassle free.

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Virtual Tour of MHC (@ Amara)

MHC Medical Centre at the Amara is a one-stop health & wellness centre. We invite you to experience with us our health screening services conducted in the cosy, spa-like ambience of our centre. This video takes you on a virtual tour of our medical centre  and you can visit the entire premise including  the places where you have your ultrasound, X-rays, Mammogram and Treadmill done. Relax at our cozy corner and enjoy a refreshing massage while waiting for your turn to see our doctors.

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Health is wealth.

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You can book an appointment online to consult our doctors at MHC Medical Centre (@The Amara) – without the hassle of making phone calls! Simply register with a valid mobile phone number and email so that our appointment system can send you an email and SMS reminders before the scheduled appointment. (SMS will only be sent for Executive Health Screening Appointments).

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Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it. ~ Josh Billings