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Workplace Health Screening


"Wellness at Work" refers to our on-site workplace health & wellness programs conducted conveniently at your company or workplace:

Large-scale Health Screening

  • coronary heart disease & stroke risk factors evaluation
  • lifestyle diseases screening
  • hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity

Mass Vaccination Programs

  • Influenza

  • Hepatitis A & B

  • Chicken Pox

Work Place Consultancy – Planning, Implementation & Evaluation

  • Health & Wellness Lifestyle Surveys (On-site & Web-based)

  • Exercise @ Work-Fitness Assessment & Fitness Initiatives

  • Food @ Work-Nutritional Workshop and Canteen Food Analysis

  • Ergonomics @ Work–Worksite and Ergonomics Consultancy Services

Health Education/Talks


Watch this video on how an onsite Workplace Health Screening exercise is conducted.

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Workplace Health

Workplace Health

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How not to fall asleep at work by MHC Asia -healthcare-workplace health

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How can we stay awake and be productiive at work? How do we prevent ourselves from falling asleep at work?

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Workplace Health Promotion Grant

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It is now easier and more cost effective for Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to implement workplace health promotion programmes by tapping on the enhanced Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) Grant and new HPB collaborations with commercial and industrial building owners.

Workplace Health Promotion Grant

  1. With effect from 7 April 2009, SMEs can apply for a new grant of up to $10,000 for 90% of the cost of their workplace health promotion programme. This is an extension of the WHP Grant given by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) to spur SMEs to start and sustain their workplace health promotion programmes.
  2. Companies registered or incorporated in Singapore, with at least 30% local shareholding, whose group fixed assets are worth below $15 million 1 are eligible to apply for the Workplace Health Grant on a 90% co-funding basis, capped at S$10,000 for each application.
  3. The Grant can be used to cover a wide range of WHP services such as consultancy; health needs assessment, health education activities, sports and physical activities, targeted health interventions such as weight management programme, cholesterol management programme and diabetes management programme. (Source HPB Website)

Workplace Health Programme offered by MHC Healthcare

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Eating Healthy at the Workplace

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Most Singaporeans eat at least one meal where they work. These meals need to be just as healthy, if not healthier, than the meals you eat outside of work. You can make healthy choices at the workplace so that you can reduce the incidence of diabetes, obesity, high blood cholesterol, stroke, some cancers and heart disease. You want a meal that can keep you energized for the rest of the day and to keep you well nourished as part of a healthy diet.

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