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Trouble with High Fat Diet

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The only real way to lower the cholesterol and fat in our bodies is to watch the way these things are in the diet and to change the diet to avoid these products. There are good fats to eat and there are bad fats to eat. Cholesterol isn’t technically a fat but is a fatty, waxy substance that collects in our arteries but is necessary for hormone production.

Is it important to eliminate all fats from the diet? Experts now say, no. It is not a good idea to be rid of all sources of fat but instead to change the types of fats you eat. Unsaturated fats come from healthy food sources like canola oil, vegetable oil and corn oil. These contain nutrients and energy you need without putting fat into the arteries. Good fat burning diets contain fat but stick to fats that are healthy for you.

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Apples prevent Heart Disease

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One study has shown us that it’s not one apple a day that keeps the doctor away but two. It turns out that two apples a day cuts cholesterol and therefore cuts down on heart disease. The study was done on post menopausal women who ate two dried apples and or prunes every day for a year. The cholesterol levels were measured before and at intervals during the study.

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What Makes Good Health?

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There are those that say good health is all in the hands of God but, more likely, it is God who teaches us the correct way to eat, the healthy things in our environment and the way to eat food to health the body. Food is part of our spiritual life as we eat those things that spiritually bring our bodies into balance.

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Should Sugar Consumption be Curbed?

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By now we know that we should stop smoking cigarettes and that we should stop eating so much salt. But what about sugar consumption? Sugar use is connected to diseases which include high blood pressure and diabetes. In some people, sugar excesses give symptoms similar to that of drinking an alcoholic beverage.

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Addicted to Diet Soda

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Many people, believe it or not, are addicted to diet soda. They hoard their soda and drink up to two liters or more every day. As it turns out, most people who drink diet soda consume more than 26 ounces of soda every day and three percent of diet soda drinkers consume more than four cans per day. So what is it about diet soda that keeps people coming back for more? Some people claim

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