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Benefits of Good Health

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There are ways to have good health and ways to feel liberated from ill health. How do you do it and what do you do to have all the benefits of good health? The first thing is to learn how to nag yourself to do things, like exercise and eating right. These aren’t things that come naturally to everyone so a bit of nagging to get you on the right path to excellent health are probably necessary.

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Ways to stop Heart Disease

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While there are genetic reasons for getting heart disease, there are just as many environmental reasons for getting the disease. Everyone has some kind of risk factors for the disease and some can be changed. Those that cannot be changed include your gender, age and family history for heart disease. Other risk factors can be modified, including hypertension, smoking history, high cholesterol, obesity, physical inactivity and obesity.

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Apples prevent Heart Disease

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One study has shown us that it’s not one apple a day that keeps the doctor away but two. It turns out that two apples a day cuts cholesterol and therefore cuts down on heart disease. The study was done on post menopausal women who ate two dried apples and or prunes every day for a year. The cholesterol levels were measured before and at intervals during the study.

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Avoiding Health Risks

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Many completely avoidable diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer and asthma/COPD strike us each year. In fact, they account for 70 percent of all deaths in places like US. People don’t realize the things they can do or quit doing (as in the case of smoking) that can change the face of disease today.

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Is Heredity or Lifestyle More important in Diabetes?

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For years it was believed that heredity was the primary defining factor in whether or not a person got diabetes. Those with a family history watched their sugars and exercised more in the hopes of not getting diabetes and its secondary complications of kidney disease, heart disease, and eye disease.

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