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Eating Healthy at the Workplace

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February 10, 2011
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February 16, 2011

Most Singaporeans eat at least one meal where they work. These meals need to be just as healthy, if not healthier, than the meals you eat outside of work. You can make healthy choices at the workplace so that you can reduce the incidence of diabetes, obesity, high blood cholesterol, stroke, some cancers and heart disease. You want a meal that can keep you energized for the rest of the day and to keep you well nourished as part of a healthy diet.

So how do you eat a healthy meal on the go in just a half hour or so? You first need to be a healthy food ambassador and have healthy foods around for you and others. Think about having fresh fruits and vegetables along with non sweetened drinks. If you have a workplace canteen, ask for healthier foods to be available for all workers.

Choose items that have less fat in them. Limit fatty, fried foods or meat that has visible marbling or fat in it. If you eat a noodle dish, choose clear noodle soups rather than noodles that have heavy sauces in them. Avoid fried noodles at all costs. Read food labels if they are available so you can find out what kinds of nutrition you are getting. Get food that has the Healthier Choice Symbol if at all possible. The nutrition information panel is available on all packaged foods and can tell you the caloric content of foods.

Always ask for more vegetables, especially brightly colored vegetables. Think of spinach or kangkong as good dark leafy green vegetables. Noodles can be mixed with the vegetables but there should be more vegetables than noodles. Avoid food that is high in salt because it can raise your blood pressure.

Choose fresh fruit instead of sweets for dessert. If you can consciously reach out for fresh fruit instead of sweets, you will be eating healthier and gaining less weight. Avoid sweetened drinks as well, including sodas containing sugar. Select diet sodas, water and fat-free milk instead. Hot coffee and tea are also good to drink as long as you can avoid putting a lot of sugar into them.

Make sure your diet is well balanced with a variety of foods. Select different foods from the good and healthy categories and you’ll get plenty of vitamins at a low caloric content.

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