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Health Screening

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July 11, 2009
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July 12, 2009

Health screening are panel of medical tests put together to look for diseases before you even have any symptoms.

Health screening checks usually include a review of your personal, lifestyle, medical, family and social history to look for risk areas which may need to be addressed. The health checks also include a thorough head to toe clinic examination by a doctor.

The other medical tests may include measurement of your blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate, height and weight.
Health screening packages are never complete without laboratory tests which involve analysis of your blood, urine and stool. The more comprehensive tests may require you to have an electrocardiogram and treadmill to assess you heart.

Other than the treadmill test, most of these tests mentioned above could be conducted at most neighbourhood GP clinics.

However the larger medical centre such as the MHC Medical Centre may be able to offer a whole range of radiologic or imaging screening tests which may include X-rays and ultrasound screening.

What are the things you can be screened for? Depending on the health screening packages you have selected you could be screened for some of the following conditions:

• Obesity
• Hearing and Vision Loss (including colour blindness)
• High Blood Pressure
• Diabetes
• Thyroid diseases
• Anaemia
• High Cholesterol
• Gout
• Underlying chronic infections as Sexually Transmitted Diseases
• Coronary Heart Diseases and abnormal heart rhythm
• Cancers

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