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Priceless Health Screening

Pros and Cons of Total Body Scans
December 28, 2010
Improving Female Health
January 1, 2011

MHC Health Screening Packages

Health is priceless. Nothing else matter if you lose your health. One of the way to ensure that you stay in good health is to be have regular comprehensive health screening done to detect diseases early.  Early diagnosis allows for early intervention. And early treatment provides better overall outcome in disease management.

Health screening tests should not be invasive and the entire process full body checks should be convenient and hassle free.

At MHC, we have put together a series of tests into different ‘Priceless Health Screening’ packages to meet your different needs. 

You may also consult our staff or doctors if you have specific concerns about your health so that we can incorporate additional tests to address these specific areas of concerns.



Select one of the Priceless Health Screening Packages below:

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