Connecting all stakeholders in the healthcare delivery chain via effective use of technology to manage healthcare cost, empower individuals and promote health.


Our web based system has been adopted by major international insurance companies in the region.Click HERE for Insurance Login.


Clinics can use our systems to better track and record patient information. Bulk buying of drugs can also be done through our system.


For companies, we provide high-quality panel doctor / specialist for your employees, facilitating human resource and administrative issues.


Read health articles and be informed of prevailing medical conditions.

What we do

MHC is a leading Third Party Administration (TPA) company, that helps companies, major insurers and medical providers improve their medical claims processing, efficiency, and workforce productivity by eliminating paper work. Being the first web-based medical claims system in Southeast Asia, MHC has successfully linked up a network of 1000 clinics in Singapore and 550 clinics in Malaysia.

In addition to the web-based claims system, MHC also generates extensive reports for companies, enabling employers and employees alike to spot health trends within the company. We also provide executive health screening packages.

• Clinic Network

• Medical Claims Administration

• Executive Health Screening

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Drug Ordering for Clinics

Our web-based drug ordering platform allows clinics to simply login and place their drug orders.

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