MHC was founded in 1994 by CEO Dr Low Lee Yong with one main objective - to help simplify healthcare.

Dr Low was a solo General Practitioner who dreamt of linking up a network of clinics with some form of technology even before there was internet. He convinced a group of over 20 doctors to come together to form a panel and tried to link up clinics with faxes and paging technology in the early days.

In 2000, MHC became the first to successfully link up a network of over 180 clinics. From then on, MHC revolutionized the way medical claims are to be processed by encouraging doctors to go online and submit claims via our web-based system.

The software developed by MHC is continuously being enhanced to cater to existing and future requirements.

When smart phones & tablets became ubiquitous, Dr Low assembled a group of engineers and MHC became the first healthcare company to launch the Clinic Locator App, which allows users to retrieve e-Card for identification at panel clinics, locate nearby clinics within the panel and also to provide feedback and/or rate these clinics according to their level of service.

Today MHC processes over 1.5 mil outpatient claims in Singapore on behalf of 11 insurers and several thousand of clients through its network of over 1,200 clinics (including GP, SP, Dental and TCM).

MHC effectively made use of Big Data Analytics to harvest useful insights and empower clients and insurers with comprehensive charts and reports.

Big Data cannot lie! That is the fundamental principle which MHC applies to develop algorithms in the detection of medical fraud and abnormalities.

Today, MHC has regional operations in Malaysia (800 Clinics), Indonesia (partnership with Lippo Siloam Group) and Hong Kong.

Investing heavily in technology, we had developed many useful tools and Apps including the Disease Live Map which shows hotspots and spread of infectious diseases like Dengue Fever and Chicken Pox compiled based on ‘live’ claims data submitted by our network of clinics in Singapore.

MHC embraces a culture of fun and innovation but we are not only about work and fun. MHC’s vision is to make a difference in people’s lives and to empower individuals to take ownership of their health.

We believe education is the key to the future and have always been an avid supporter of the NUS Medical Bursary and Business School, both in terms of donations as well as time with Dr Low sharing his past experiences with their students. MHC also support over 24 kampong schools in Sabah to provide education to under-privileged children. In Philippines, we support a livelihood training center which sits on 15 hectares of land. This center provides training to farmers on effective farming methods for optimal yield of rice, fruits and vegetables. In the same center, housewives are also taught how to make soap and perfume to earn a livelihood.