MHC Logo

MHC Old & New Logo
In 2014, MHC updated its logo to be in line with its 20th Anniversary, which signalled a new chapter and milestone.

The new logo bears a bright blue gradient symbolising the new chapter and direction that the company has in achieving its goal of simplifying healthcare with technology. The blue colour also symbolises the possibilities of dreaming big, to make things happen.

Since we are in the business of healthcare, the human figure represents dealing with lives and empowering individuals to be in good health with information and technology. The jumping man on the inclined slope symbolises the company’s forward-looking attitude in embracing new technology and challenges in healthcare, and the continuous effort to strive for innovation. The swoosh or "slope" is the information highway MHC is building to connect its stakeholders.

The name of the company is ‘Make Health Connect’ as seen from the acronym ‘MHC’.

Make: We dare to dream and ‘MAKE” things happen by embracing a culture of innovation and creativity.
Health: We empower the individuals to take ownership of their health.
Connect: We connect the stakeholders in healthcare delivery chain with effective use of information technology.

The typeface ‘Museo Sans’ has been selected to convey a sense of confidence and approachability, much like the culture that we want to cultivate with regards to healthcare.

The 4-colour logo contains a radial gradient applied at a 45˚angle to accentuate the contrast between the text and the background, and should be maintained whenever possible. The recommended size of the logo is 15mm wide for standard page applications. The minimum printed size should not be smaller than 9mm which will compromise the readability of the text below the logo.

Apply the most appropriate type of MHC logo for various context after placing consideration in this order:

• 4-colour (Recommended version)
• 2-colour
• 1-colour
• Grayscale
• Black (Only for special situations)

To maintain brand and logo integrity, please observe the minimum space clearance needed for the MHC logo. The logo cannot be smaller than 9mm to maintain readability.