Business can touch lives. My belief that the goal of entering usiness should not be just about enriching oneself but society as a whole. Success is about being able to give hope to people, to touch lives. You can start small; you don’t have to be a big business in order to add value and”touch lives. Success is really about being able to give.

MHC adopts a non-profit organisation called GoDucate – an amalgamation of the words ‘Go’ and ‘Educate” as its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

GoDucate helps needy Asians help themselves through education. In Dr Low’s words, “I came from a humble background, and I was able to achieve my dreams with MHC not because I am smarter. But because education played a big part, which has open doors of opportunities. I hope my staff sees their contributions in MHC as efforts being translated into helping more children from disadvantaged backgrounds and poor farmers through GoDucate.”

The various projects which MHC is now supporting include a children’s home in Cambodia, 27 kampong schools. MHC is also providing education to over 2,000 children in Sabah. A Training Centre (occupying 15 ha of land) in the Philippines is set up to help poor farmers through livelihood projects and organic farming.

Through GoDucate, MHC gives out free musical instruments and lessons to needy children in the Philippines, many of whom have mothers working in Singapore as domestic servants.

Annual company trips to these places help expose MHC staff to Goducate’s work. These will enable staff to help see things in a different perspective, allowing them to see and appreciate the impact they make to these communities while working in MHC.

Visit Goducate's official page here.
MHC Bursary Scheme

The MHC Bursary was introduced in September 2014 to provide financial assistance to students studying in NUS Business School and Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine.

The company believes everyone should have an opportunity to receive education.

MHC Dare to Dream Awards


Awards are almost too often given to top students who excel in their studies but not those who have kept trying but still failing in their academic results. These are the students who need more encouragement. They could very well be the next bright future of Singapore. MHC wants to make a difference in the lives of slower students who have tried their best in their studies with the MHC Dare Award.

Categories of Awards

  1. Dare to Persevere- Students who have shown improvement of: 1 grade closer to the passing grade
    $100 book vouchers + a copy of I Dare to Dream by Dr Low Lee Yong
  2. Dare to Overcome– Students who have shown improvement of: 2 grades to hit passing grade
    $150 book vouchers + a copy of I Dare to Dream by Dr Low Lee Yong
  3. Dare to Dream– Students who have shown improvement of: 3-4 grades beyond the passing grade
    $200 book vouchers + a copy of I Dare to Dream by Dr Low Lee Yong
  4. Dare to Dream Big– Students who have shown improvement of: at least 5-6 grades to achieve Merit / Distinction
    $250 book vouchers + a copy of I Dare to Dream by Dr Low Lee Yong

Who is Eligible for the Award?

Students who have strived very hard to improve their academic grades but have not been noticed by their schools for their performance and effort. All MHC clients, partners and panel doctors’ children between the ages 7-16 are eligible.

When can I apply for the Award?

The Dare Award is held quarterly every year during the last week in January, April, June and October. The deadline for the October Awards would be 20th Jun 2017. Results will be announced on the 23rd Jun 2017.

How to apply for the Award?

Please fill in the fields in the online form. Parents will also be required to scan a copy of their child’s result slips or test papers, showing the difference and improvement in their grades as part of a verification process.