Dr Low Lee Yong
CEO and Founder
Dr Low Lee Yong, the founder and CEO of MHC Asia Group, is a medical doctor who graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1987. He established over 15 clinics together with other businesses within a few years and founded MHC in 1993.

Equipped with passion and self taught IT knowledge, he led a team to build a network of more than 1200 clinics in Singapore and 880 clinics in Malaysia. These clinics are linked via an internet based system to provide cashless outpatient and inpatient transactions for corporate clients and insurers.

He has won many awards such as the International Management Action Award (IMAA) 2013, the prestigious Asia’s Best Brand Award & Outstanding Leadership Award 2012, Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 Award and Prestiged winner of the Teochew Entrepreneurial Award 2016. A much sought-after speaker, Dr. Low continues to motivate many through his dynamic health and motivational talks.

Mrs Cecilia Tan
Mrs Cecilia Tan is the former CEO of NTUC Healthcare Co-Operative Ltd. Cecilia has as well many years of experience in the manufacturing of generic pharmaceuticals, and regional trading of pharmaceutical and veterinary products. As Chairman of MHC Asia Group, she lends her vast experience in the medical and pharmacy industries and is actively involved in the strategic decisions of the Group’s businesses.

Victor Yeo
Victor Yeo, 62, is a pioneer in the area of private equity/venture capital fund management in Asia. He joined the Private Investment Company for Asia (PICA) S.A. in 1977 and over the next 14 years, he rose to become its Vice President. He became the Executive Director in the management of the Elders PICA Asian Ventures Fund at its formation. After 14 years with this Group, he left to join the ASC Group as its Executive Director for the management of the US$80 million ASEAN Strategic Capital Fund, and later, the US$150 million ASC Asian Equity Fund. Ten years later, he retired and devoted his time to voluntary church work.

Professor Paul Cheung
Data Analytics & Statistics Advisor
Professor Paul Cheung is the Professor in Social Policy and Analytics in NUS. He was the Director of the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) from 2005 to 2012 and the former Chief Statistician of the Government of Singapore from 1991 to 2004. He received Public Administration (Gold) Medal in 2001 from Singapore Government.

Leong Lick Tien
Corporate Governance Advisor
Leong Lick Tien had worked for many years in the public sector, having served in senior positions in various Government Ministries before joining Singapore’s Central Provident Fund Board. He held the position of Deputy Chief Executive Officer when he retired from the Board in 2007.

At present, Lick Tien involves himself in voluntary community work including being on the Management Committee of a home for the elderly. Born in 1945, he is married to a doctor in general practice and they have 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

Dr Paul Choo
Business Advisor & Consultant
Dr Paul Choo, 64, is a medical doctor by training. He started the Shenton Medical Group in 1973 with two other partners and later built it into one the largest medical groups in Singapore. He later sold the medical group to a public listed healthcare organization in Singapore and went into full-time Christian service. He served as a pastor for twenty years. During this time, he divided his time between pastoring and helping the poor in many Asian countries.

In July 2007 he retired as a pastor to devote his time to helping the poor. He is based in Singapore and travels abroad to visit the poor about thirty to forty times per year.
Dr Vivien Choo
Academic & Research Advisor
Dr Vivien Choo was the Executive Editor for The Lancet where she used to work for 24 years.