The MHC Health Challenge App makes exercise for the company fun, interactive and educational. Using MHC’s proprietary iPhone App, the Health Challenge packs a good 2 hours of brisk walking through a trail in a park. In groups of 4 to 5 people, teams compete with each other as they navigate via GPS using the iPhone App to complete fun challenges at checkpoints. Participants will benefit from a invigorating time of exercise and gain deeper knowledge on maintaining good health. This group exercise activity can be funded under the Workplace Health Promotion Grant for working adults. Schools can also use this app to educate school children and youths to develop healthy lifestyle habits.

Take the MHC Health Challenge which uses an iPhone app to guide you through an outdoor adventure of fun and play. Get fit through team work and adventure while enjoying nature at the same time. Bring workplace health to your company with MHC Health Challenge iPhone apps.

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