What are the benefits of your executive health screening packages (EHS)?
Doing a health screening can help detect early signs of anomaly with our health and increase chances of recovery for the condition. In addition, our pricings are economical and competitive. Each package is tailored for a specified range of customers with consideration to their age, gender and health profile.
What are the appropriate tests / EHS packages that an individual can do?
To find out what packages are suitable, the individual needs to consider the following:
  • His / her health status (eg. medical / family histories etc)

  • Is it a first-time visit or a follow-up visit

  • And if there are any budget constraints
What is the most popular EHS package for a first-timer, healthy male / female?
Our most popular package with the above health profile is the Amber (for men) and Amethyst (for ladies) Health Screening packages.
Are there showering facilities in the Medical Centre?
Yes, we do. Showering facilities can be used by patients after their treadmill session. Basic toiletries such as shampoo, body lotion and bath towels are provided.
Do we have a choice of a male / female doctor for the EHS / Medical Consultation?
If you have a preferred preference for either a male / female doctor, please contact and inform our Medical Centre prior to your visit.
Is there a difference in charges between Corporate and Walk-in cases?
Employees from companies get to enjoy special corporate rates because of prior contractual agreements made between the company and MHC Medical Centre (Amara). These rates will vary, based on company headcount. Walk-in rates are generally higher than that of corporate rates. Charges will be made known during the registration process. We charge fairly based on guidelines and regulations set out by Singapore Medical Council (SMC).
Are spouses of corporate employees able to enjoy corporate rates?
We extend the same corporate rates to spouses of corporate employees. However to prevent the misuse of corporate benefits, spouses will be required to produce relevant documents needed for verification.
Can we have a copy of our Pre-Employment check-up result?
Pre-employment check-up results unless otherwise stated, belongs to the property of the Human Resource Department. MHC is not allowed to release information of any individual unless there is an urgent health issue / emergency. Please check with your HR on the company policy should you have any queries.
Is it compulsory to do a CPF Board medical check-up?
Yes. A member may be required to undergo a medical examination by the Board’s doctor when he/she applies for:
  • Cover under the Home Protection Scheme (HPS) or Medishield Scheme (MSH)

  • Withdrawal of his/her CPF savings on Medical Grounds (MGS)

  • Benefits under the Home Protection Scheme (HPS)

MHC Medical Centre (Amara) is engaged by CPF Board to provide medical check-up services. We adhere to the instructions set out by the Board. The CPF member will be issued with a letter of notice for the check-up.
Can I use MediSave to pay for the Health Screening?
MHC Medical Centre (Amara) is not registered under the MOH claim scheme hence we are unable to accept payment using MediSave.
Does the Medical Centre accept Senior Citizen Benefit / CHAS card for consultation?
MHC Medical Centre (Amara) is not registered under the MOH claim scheme hence we are unable to accept payment using the Senior Citizen Benefit / CHAS card.