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One System, Many Uses
February 17, 2012
MHC Donates Carabao to Goducate Farm in Laguna
April 10, 2012
Goducate Training Center in Iloilo Philippines

Goducate Training Centre in Ilo Ilo Grand Opening

On 11 February 2012, the Goducate Training Center in Iloilo, Philippines was officially opened by the Patron of Goducate and Chairman of MHC Asia Group Mrs Cecilia Tan, and the Governor of Iloilo Hon. Arthur Defensor. The event was witnessed by several mayors of the province, officials from the Agricultural Department and hundreds of guests and volunteers. Goducate is a non-profit organization that helps needy Asians to help themselves.

According to Dr Paul Choo, founder of Goducate, food security is one of the most pressing issues for the needy. For this reason, the new Goducate Training Center was set up to train the needy to grow food in their backyard. The Training Center occupies 11 hectares of land, and it focuses on planting hybrid rice for better yield, low-cost hydroponics for backyard farming, and vermiculture to produce organic fertilizers. And to transfer this know-how, Goducate will train community development workers to work with the needy. By this process, the needy will be able to help themselves eventually.

On a separate site about 70km south of Manila, a small Goducate model farm at Laguna has also been running to share best practices with the local community. To support the farming activities, MHC has donated a carabao (water buffalo). Near to the farm, a small training center has also been set up to teach the needy to make dish washing liquid and perfume from their own homes. Trainees will sell these products for income.

On 9 February 2012, the new Goducate Music Learning Center in Laguna was opened by Mrs Cecilia Tan. It will house the Goducate Orchestra for its practice sessions. The Orchestra works with at-risk children and youths by teaching them music. A number of youths were able to gain entry into schools and the University of the Philippines as a result. To aid in the expansion this music programme, MHC has committed to the purchase of some music instruments.

The Orchestra is now playing in formal occasions to raise funds for scholarships to put more children and youths into school. In 2011, five youths were picked for training by renowned Singaporean violinist Min Lee and the director of the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music orchestra Wang Ya Hui. They have been featured by Channel News Asia. This is a good example of bringing hope to the needy.