MHC Clinic Network App

MHC Clinic Network App is a comprehensive guide to MHC’s network of panel clinics and dental clinics in Singapore. Exclusive to MHC Clients, members can use the MHC Clinic Network app to perform the following functions:

  1. Locate MHC clinics nearest to your current location. Search clinics by type, districts and by opening hours.
  2. Provide feedback to clinics by rating them on the App
  3. Use the virtual membership eCard to identify yourself at the clinic
  4. Submit a non-panel Claim (eClaim) on-the-go
  5. Check past visit records

Download the latest version now!

Watch the video below on how to use the MHC Clinic Network App:

Click here for the web-based Online Clinic Locator

Note on Abuse: We log the IP Address of users to curb abuse of this App.