Goducate Training Center in Iloilo Philippines
February 17, 2012
Dr Low Lee Yong
Doctor with the Never-say-die Spirit
January 20, 2013
MHC Donates Carabao to Goducate Farm in Laguna

MHC is pleased to announce the donation of a carabao to Goducate’s model farm in Laguna.  The carabao – or otherwise known as the water buffalo – is a female about 3.5 years old.  The average lifespan of carabaos is 18 to 20 years and it will be able to contribute to the farming efforts for many years to come.

Highly domesticated and hard working, carabaos are often used in farming in the Philippines to plow the land. This speeds up the preparation of the soil during planting season.  The good news is that Carabel is pregnant with a calf when it was purchased and the birth of the calf is due in June 2012.

Until then, the mother will not be tasked with work as yet.  In the near future, she will also be trained to transport visitors to the farm.

With this donation, MHC hopes that the needy in the area will benefit from greater farming productivity at the Goducate farm in Laguna.