Dr Low Lee Yong
Doctor with the Never-say-die Spirit
January 20, 2013
MHC Bursary Recipient 2013
Award Recipient of MHC Asia Group Bursary 2013
October 26, 2013
Prof. Paul Cheung (MHC’s Advisor for Data Analytics and Statistics)
Professor Paul Cheung

Professor Paul Cheung

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Paul Cheung to MHC’s Board of Advisors as Honorary Advisor for Data Analytics and Statistics.

Professor Paul Cheung brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise which strengthens MHC’s position as the leading Third Party Administrator and Managed Care provider in Singapore and the region. He returned to Singapore as the Professor in Social Policy and Analytics in NUS this year. He made many significant international contributions while working as Director of the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) over the last 9 years in UN based in New York.

Before he joined the United Nations, Professor Cheung was the former Chief Statistician of the Government of Singapore from 1991 to 2004. He received Public Administration (Gold) Medal in 2001 from Singapore Government, as well as other awards and honors from other governments.

We are very honored and excited to have Professor Paul Cheung on board and we look forward to his contribution especially in the area of research based on the big data of claim data harvested by MHC.

MHC’s current board of Advisors includes the following:

1) Dr Paul Choo (Strategic & Business Advisor) Dr Paul Choo was the former CEO and Founder of Shenton Medical Group and is currently the executive chairman of Goducate Ltd (a NGO which helps needy Asians help themselves)

2) Mr. Leong Lick Tien (Corporate Governance Advisor). Mr. Leong was the former Dy CEO of CPF Board and a director of Goducate Ltd (a NGO which helps needy Asians help themselves).

3) Dr Vivien Choo (Academic & Research Advisor). Dr Vivien Choo was the former Executive Editor of Lancet Medical Journal