Coffeebeans Project
Coffeebeans Project – A Gift for the Needy during the Recession
February 22, 2009
SeIf-Service is the Best Service
March 25, 2009
Riding Out the Recession

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are using innovative strategies with new technology to help them to ride out the recession in Singapore. One example is the MHC Asia Group, a provider of medical services. Bookings for its health screenings rose by 50 per cent after it set up its interactive round-the-clock online system last year.

The convenient appointment booking system allocates resources based on the daily volume of patients. Email and short message service (SMS) alerts remind them of the dates and times of their appointments. Patients get an immediate response or a reply the following day to queries and suggestions submitted in feedback forms.

The group provides one-stop health screenings and-check-ups at its medical centre at the Amara and various workplaces here.

A network of 400 affiliated general practitioners helps its corporate clients using the online system to manage and simplify the medical claims of employees. Human resource practitioners get real-time information on the employees’ claims, sick leave, disease profile and the health expenditures of different departments.

Our business has been growing with all the solutions in place,” says Ms Jacqueline Lee, the general manager of MHC Asia Group. ‘We are expanding our business operations from Singapore and Malaysia to Hong -Kong and the Philippines. – “We will continue to invest in human resources to develop innovative information technology solutions that will strengthen our position.”