Riding Out the Recession
March 23, 2009
MHC Donates Van to GoDucate Learning Centre in Batam
May 9, 2009
SeIf-Service is the Best Service

Contrary to popular belief, self-service can lead to higher customer satisfaction, as MHC Asia Group learnt. Last November, the company created an online appointment booking system where patients could choose their appointment dates online instead of being served through the hotline. Patients subsequently received an e-mail and SMS alert to remind them about their appointment dates.

The interactive appointment system proved to be a success as it cut down on phone calls and it meant that we were available 24/7 online,” says Ms Jacqueline Lee, general manager of the MHC Asia Group. Since then, the group has seen more than double the number of bookings for health screenings.

MHC Asia operates a network of 400 GP clinics which provide cashless outpatient visits for corporate clients and major insurers such as AVIVA, NTUC Income, HSBC & AlA. This is achieved through its web-based claim adjudication platform, which links up the clinics to the payer.

It also manages a large medical centre, which specialises in health screening and check-up for corporate clients.

To serve the needs of its patients, MHC Asia is also building an interactive phone system so that patients can check the status of their medical reports.

Such technological innovation has not only benefited its clients but staff as well. To help staff save time and effort keying in patients’ feedback forms, MHC Asia is working to introduce optical recognition software, which can analyse the scanned feedback forms.

“If we take a long-term view of our business and are excited about what we are doing, we should not keep worrying about how the economy affects us,” says Ms Lee. It is more positive to think of solutions to adjust to the situation and capitalize on it.