HRs' Testimonials

Senior Human Resource Manager


1 November2011

Testimonial for MHC Asia Group Pte Ltd

Our company has been using MHC’s panel of clinics and web-based system for our staff since 1999. Over this period, the network of MHC clinics has greatly expanded, making it convenient to locate a nearby clinic around Singapore. Their web interface is user-friendly, making it easy to access and download information online. The system helps us to manage outpatient cost and cut down on our administrative workload. Most importantly, invoicing... etc. has always been reliable.

I have also had a recent pleasant encounter at the new MHC medical centre at Amara. Everything is newly built as it has just been relocated. Its spa-like ambience and even the bathrooms complete with towels are very enjoyable — just like going to a real spa. Not the usual clinical or hospital setting. There are also complementary massage chairs and foot reflexology available to use while you wait for your next appointment.


Ms Carol Ng


"We know MHC as a well-established organization, so at first, we were hesitant if MHC -  given the scale of its business operations -  will be attentive to our needs and the little details. To my pleasant surprise, the service provided is both professional and meticulous.

The health sessions were smoothly executed and well coordinated. Our employees also provided feedback that the process was hassle-free and it was much to their convenience. MHC took consideration of our needs. The experience is definitely positive as the corporate reports we received help to value-add in our planning of welfare programs for our employees." ~ Ms Carol Ng, StarHub

Janice Lee, Finance & Admin Manager

Sushi Tei

Customer Testimonial by Sushi-Tei Pte Ltd

11th November 2010

To Whom It May Concern


We used to buy group outpatient medical insurance for our staff from a reputable company. However, we have always face many challenges trying to review the history of our staff's visitation to the panel of clinics. Apparently, they could only churcn out the report towards the beginning of the following year which would be too late for the management to make critical decisions and track the frequency visitations by staff.


GE Aviation

2 August 2007 Hi Dr Low, Thought you might be pleased to know that following your talk, a no. of those who attended the talk went to purchase exercise bike and treadmills and they put the equipment in front of the television as you have suggested! All the laptop users have also elevated their laptop with the phone books and external keyboard. I have also done it and it eliminated the shoulder and neck pain that I have been suffering all these while! (more…)

Insurers' Testimonials

Customer Service Aviva Ltd

Dear Dr Low, "Thank you very much for the updates on your system upgrading. That's a very positive and assuring note to us about your services to our clients. And thank you for your good services and supports all this while." (more…)

Reinsurers' Testimonials

Peter Tan, General Manager

RGA Reinsurance Company

21 August 2010 Two things stand out very clearly to me as to how different MHC is from its competitors; 1. The high degree of IT system application, lack of any paperwork and ability to get the providers to do the data entry. 2. The ability of MHC to get the providers to pay to join and stay in the system as opposed to the traditional method of solely charging the insurers and employers This stands MHC out from the market place and I am sure the business can only grow further. (more…)

Doctors' Testimonials

Dr Mukundan Nair

JurPoint Medicare Clinic

17 February 2012

Dear Dr Low,

It has been a pleasure working with MHC for the last four years, having seen it grows from strength to strength, and seeing in the newspapers of the Awards that MHC is getting, and the accolades pouring in under your leadership.


Dr Lee Kim Kee

Trinity Medical Clinic

My clinic has joined MHC Medical Network since 2009.

Before I joined MHC I hardly had any contract dealings.

But time has changed. Without this association, a solo clinic will find it hard to survive.

I am thankful to MHC for accepting my clinic & helping me to get my day going.


Dr Tan Chai Lee

Tan Teoh Clinic & Surgery

Testimonial for MHC Asia Medical Group

We have been working closely with MI-IC for many years as a participating panel doctor.

Over the years, MI-IC has secured many companies covered under their insurance scheme and the volumes of companies are still increasing.

Their Contracts of Medical Services Agreement are fair and transparent, which is easy to understand. Their formulary drugs pricing, office surgery and medical procedures pricing payable to their panel clinics are fairly reasonable. They do not interfere with the type of medication prescribed to the patients. Payments are fast and prompt. Whenever I encounter a problem, the staffs are able to handle the matter efficiently. They are friendly and approachable.


Dr Victor Sebastian

S.T.Medical Clinic

Dr Victor Sebastian

S.T.Medical Clinic Block 531, Bedok North St 3, #01-694 Spore 460531


Re: My Impressions of MHC Medical Network

I have had the pleasure of being associated with MHC medical Network for many years,since its inception. I have found them to have a corporate philosophy of always placing service to its customers as its prime aim. Whether it’s the company worker, the panel doctor, or the corporate administrative customers, there is always a compassionate and very helpful MHC staff member available to meet any needs of the customer, and where an immediate answer is not feasible , the MHC staff will go back to get the necessary help and revert back to the customer promptly. So the after- service is exemplary above all else, and this reduces the risk of dissatisfaction or any complaints.


Tan Lay Hoon (on behalf of Dr Eugene Lok)

Medline Wei Min Clinic


18 Nov 2011

MHC’s real time online web portal is user friendly. On screen claim summary and reports are clearly laid out. Overall, the web portal is hassle free to use.

MHC’s help desk personnel provides excellent service! They are extremely professional, helpful and thorough. It is always a pleasure to work with them. They are Awesome!

We treasure this partnership we share with MHC Asia Group and hope to continue this mutually beneficial relationship indefinitely.


Tan Lay Hoon

Writing on Behalf of Dr Eugene Loke

Medline Wei Min Clinic (Kensington Park Branch)

Dr Hong Lee Tiong

Hong Family Clinic


Dear Sir/Mdm,

I have joined the MHC as a panel doctor for the past few years. I am pleasantly satisfied with the services and terms agreed to with the management, the software for the ecclaim submission and foremost the exemplary services provided by the MHC staff esp. Jacqueline who has been of great help to my staff’s query/request. For your information.

Dr Hong Lee Tiong

Dr Loi Kuan Loong


18 Nov2011

Dear Dr Low,

Congratulations to MHC Asia Group for winning the Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2001 — Established Brand category, top winner of SMEI Asia 201 1 Distinguished Award and Extraordinary CSR Award 201 1 this year as well as winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year 201 0 and EYA Info-Comm Technology Award 2010 last year.


Dr Choong Sheau Peng

United Medical Practitioners Pte Ltd


12 Feb 2011

Dear Ms Lee May

Testimonial—MHC Medical Group

Many years ago, I was fortunate enough to be invited to join the MHC group as a participating panel doctor. Over the years together with the group, I function as a primary care doctor providing medical services to workers and staff. Patients with more complex or serious medical problems are referred to the appropriate specialists for further management. Together we are able to provide companies a complete medical package for their staff at reasonable prices which are both transparent and easily manageable.


Dr Fong Wai Yin

Nayang Centre Clinic

image October 12, 2010 Testimonial Nanyang Centre Clinic is a partner clinic of MHC corporate medical services for many years. Our experience of their web implementation of Third Party Administration services has been very positive. The system is user friendly and bug free. The online accounting system for medical clinics provides clear and relevant financial information. Payments to clinics are always timely. Medical charges to patients are fair and cost effective to clients with excellent budget controls. (more…)

Dr Chong Chin Kah

Chong’s Medical Centre

image 21 Sep 2010 To whom it may concern, Re: MHC The entire MHC system is user friendly and the staff efficient. Payment for medical services rendered is always prompt. The drug order system is the cheapest for most drugs. I am unable to find anything negative about MHC. MHC, you are the best   Dr Chong Chin Kah Chong’s Medical Centre 190 Clemenceau Avenue #01-29/30 Singapore Shopping Centre Singapore 239924

Dr Vincent Tan

Tan Clinic and Surgery


06 September 2010

Testimonial for MHC Asia Group

Dear Sir/Madam

It is a great pleasure and honour to be part of the MHC panel of clinics. We are glad to be included under the MHC panel to administer the managed healthcare plan for the corporate clients since 2006.

Our claims’ experience over the years with MHC has been very positive. Online submission of claims was fast, convenient and simple. The MHC website was extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. This helps tremendously especially when the clinic is very busy. Our staff had no problems claiming online.


Dr Tan Kok Ying

The Family Practice-Potong Pasir

image 3 September 2010 We have been a medical provider for MHC for the past few years. I find the online billing system easy to use and the payments are prompt. I especially like the MHC Drug ordering system. The drug prices are very competitive and the staff are very helpful. (more…)

Dr Yuen Jye

Chong's Clinic


30th August 2010


This clinic has been using the services of MHC Healthcare PL since 1994. Over this period, the services provided by MHC Healthcare has increased in volume and become more comprehensive.

The number of companies covered under the various Insurance Schemes and Healthcare Service Provision managed under MHC Healthcare has increased dramatically. The payment fee and payment schedule is reasonable and timely. They also do not interfere with good medical practice and the type of medication prescribed.

Dr. Benard Yap Y.C.

Providence Medical Centre

image Date:    28th August 2010. Reference:    BY/MHC/280820 10 Testimonial for MHC Medical Network Dear Jacqueline, We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the excellent service we have received from the MHC Medical Network. Our experience with MHC has been extremely positive. The latitude of medications that the clinic is allowed to prescribe is large. In addition, the claims process has so far been seamless, and reimbursements are regular. (more…)

Dr Chen Sze Sin

Chen Fanily Clinic

image To : Manager-in-Charge MHC Healthcare Group Operations Department Date: 27-Aug-10 Re : Testimonial of Services Dear Sir / Mdm, MHC Healthcare Group and Chen Family Clinic have been in a working relationship for several years and we have been very satisfied with your services thus far. Settlement of claims has been quite prompt and the e-claim system is relatively user-friendly and submitting of claims is usually fuss-free. (more…)

Dr Leow CG

Jade Medical Clinic

image 26 Aug 2010 Dear Sir/Mdm, Re: Service Level of the MIHC Office Operations Staff The staff of the above has consistently been prompt and polite in attending to any issues arising from our clinic’s day-to-day running of the MHC-MTB scheme. I would like to specifically mention Jacqueline, Anna and Matthew. The payments for the above scheme has also been very prompt and any feedback wrt the scheme has been looked into and acted upon. (more…)

Dr Fong Chun Ho

Healthbridge Family Clinic

image 25th August 2010 I am writing this letter to compliment your company for its excellent service as a provider of managed healthcare. I am pleased with the support given through our many years of cooperation in providing care for the corporate patients. The payment that I have received as a healthcare provider has been on time so far and I cannot remember any significant problem with the claims made too. I also find that the administrative fees levied reasonable. (more…)

Dr Yap Tiong Toh, Director

Regional Patientcare Medical Group Pte Ltd

image 20 August 2010 Dear Dr Low. Our 2 clinics have been on your panel of clinics since its inception in 1995. Your service has been very efficient and professional and your staff members are very attentive to any problems that we may encounter during the course of work. Most of the problems that we have encountered were usually resolved within 24 hours. Your system for electronic filing in Medical-i-Benefifs website is straightforward and simple. Steps were simplified to ensure that there is no ambiguity. Your IT support is also quick to rectify problems whenever we bring it to your attention. (more…)

Dr Mukundan Nair

JurPoint Medicare Clinic

image The Manager MHC Medical Network Pte Ltd 69, Ayer Rajah Road, # 04 — 01/03 Singapore 139967 Thank you for your partnership in healthcare especially for corporate personnel and extending to construction, shipyard and factory workers We are happy to report that your services in providing a steady flow of patients and clients to our clinic and our associated clinics is highly commendable. Your staff Mr. Lee Shiuh Chian and Ms Jacqueline Hou are most helpful, in connecting us with right personnel to contact and the right modus operandi of managing MNC’c and other corporate organizations. (more…)

Dr Lai Kok Wei

Care Family Clinic

image MHC is a fantastic platform for new family physicians to have an instant access to their panel of patients under the different schemes. The claiming process via e claiming is easy and user friendly. The payment process is prompt and accurate with detailed breakdown of the payments made via GIRO. (more…)