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Healthy companies not only have happier employees,
They have way healthier bottomlines.

Companies with high Organisational Health Index (OHI) delivers roughly 3x the returns to shareholders as compared to those having a low OHI.

On average companies with high OHI experience a 15% increase in their productivity.


Corporate Medical Coverage for Public Healthcare Agencies

While national healthcare agencies may be staffed by countless doctors and nurses, most of them are too specialised in their capabilities to provide clinically effective GP care. Many agencies also have a high internal cost structure that disallows efficient medical care to their own employees.

With that realisation, major public healthcare agencies have appointed MHC to serve their employees and dependents with an islandwide network of affordable GP clinics.

2 agencies even appointed MHC to be their in-house ’staff-clinic’ operator, affirming the clinical effectiveness of our managed care program.

MHC managed care program is highly regarded and recognised in the industry as the gold standard of clinic effectiveness.

Early detection & preventive health at your doorstep

As part of the employees’ annual health benefits, a multi-national gaming giant worked with MHC’s Workplace Health teams to proactively screen their workforce on-site to accommodate employees on shift-work.

Besides screening for the usual chronic illnesses, MHC worked with the employer on a customised lung disease screening protocol. This detects early lung disease for employees' exposed to airborne pollutants, allowing them to be proactively redeployed.

MHC offers a wide range of customisable health screening packages focusing on early detection preventive health to suit your organisation’s health needs.

Workplace Consultancy - Facilities Management Company

In one company, a facilities technician was medically-boarded out for early retirement due to an asymptomatic heart condition. Although well and fit-looking to colleagues and supervisors, the employee had earlier received a heart pacemaker implant for irregular heart rhythm, rendering him unfit to continue in his previous job scope.

In another case, an air-conditioning technician developed the rare condition of adult onset asthma. Following thorough assessment by MHC, it was determined that his work environment was the key factor for his asthma. Redeployment in a different job scope allowed the recovery of the employee.

Companies can count on MHC’s experienced team of workplace health physicians to provide unbiased, professional medical opinions on their employees’ fitness to work.

Fraud Detection and Risk Management

Employees who doctor-hop to defraud their companies via over-treatment or paid medical leave have been identified through unusual doctor visitation patterns. Their employers were alerted without overtly releasing sensitive medical information, so that necessary counselling may take place.

Though rare and disappointing, healthcare providers with irregularities in their clinical practice have also been detected through analytics. These doctors were found to have overprescribed, generated phantom treatments or patient visits. In all cases, restitution was achieved — some amounting to hundreds of thousands in quantum value.

Powered by extensive algorithms, MHC’s active surveillance program monitors and detects fraudulent claim activities -- effectively helping clients to contain escalating healthcare costs.

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